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6 tips to get faster Internet speed from your Wi-Fi router

Wi-Fi routers are the devices that can be seen at everyone's house. Be the person living in a villa, in an apartment or in a flat, routers are everywhere. People keep on changing their routers because they all have a common problem, slow Internet connection. They spend thousands on changing routers and finding better speed, but wait, read these tips that will save your thousands and definitely increase your Internet speed: -


Most of the people keep their routers either at the entrance or in a particular room thinking that wherever they keep it, the speed will be the same. But that is definitely NOT the truth. Wi-Fi waves are easily absorbed by anything that comes in between. So, prefer keeping it centralized, meaning keeping it at place that is center of the house so that the waves are equally distributed in all the directions and wherever you are in the house, the speed will be same.


The Wi-Fi routers are designed in such a way that they emit the waves downwards. Most of the people have a habit of keeping their routers on the ground. When the router is placed on the ground, the waves are unable to penetrate through concrete and hence the strength of waves decreases thereby reducing the Internet speed. So always keep the router high above the ground.


There are a few people who understand not to keep the router on the ground and rather keep at higher place but still miss a key aspect. Many a times, they place the router at a cabinet that is high above the ground but again make a mistake, which is the position. They keep the router inside the cabinet and as the waves can not penetrate through obstacles, the wood or glass (whatever your cabinet is made of) absorbs the waves and thereby reduces the Internet speed. So prefer keeping in an open area that is high above the ground.


Many people keep their routers near either their laptops, computers or where their mobile phone charges, but DON'T. Some people are there who know this and keep the router near the oven or microwave thinking that it will not affect the signal strength but still DON'T. Cordless phones, microwaves and other devices that use radio signals to communicate or that have electronic motors are especially problematic, as these devices will crowd the channel and compete with your broadband connection, thereby reducing the speed of Internet.


Many people misunderstand the first part and keep the router in a room that is in the center of their house. So how is keeping the router in a room a problem? Well, it is a big problem because the waves are unable to penetrate through the obstructions and hence keeping it in a room will reduce the signal strength in other rooms and hence reduce the Internet speed. So, if you want equal strength everywhere in the house then keep it in a place that is central but has no obstructions near by.


The universal technical rule that always follows is IF IT IS NOT WORKING TRY SWITCHING ON AND OFF. The same rule follows even here. If nothing works out then try switching it on and off and then see the result.

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