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7 G-Mail hacks to super boost your productivity

In today's world, all of us use G-Mail, be it for the formal messages or for personal messages with some attachments, G-Mail meets all the requirements. We all think that because of using it for such a long time, we know all the tricks of G-Mail, well that may be true if you are a complete Tech Expert but for those who are not such, here are some hacks to increase your productivity:-

1. We all have come across a situation when we accidentally send a wrong mail, that we didn't intend to send and it leads to nothing but bad impression. So, to save you from the bad impression, G-Mail provides an option to unsend a sent mail within a time span of 30 seconds. To do this, simply go to the the Settings page and then enable the Undo Send button and set the invalidation period according to your wish.

2. If you receive too many emails everyday, then this is the hack for you. Generally, we scroll to see all the mails because the mails that show at once are quite less. So, how to increase that number? To achieve this, go to settings, click on the General menu bar and scroll down to “ Maximum page size”. Thereafter set the number of conversions you want per page.

*** G-Mail allows to set the number between 10 to 100 conversations per page.

3. G-Mail gives us a service to segregate the mails into various tabs. This is really helpful for most of us, but for some of us, who do not like switching between tabs, this hack is for you.

Using this, you get all the mails at one place irrespective of their category. To achieve this, simply go to the settings of your G-Mail [by clicking on the Settings option that appears towards your right] and click on the Configure inbox option. You can un-select the promotional and social check box and now all your email would be in one place.

***Refer to this image for both Hack number 3 and 4.


4. The hack above was for the people who do not like to switch tabs and get all mails at one place, thus reducing the focus on important mail but some of us do want to focus on important mails and think that the current default tabs are quite less. So, how to increase it?

Simply follow the steps as above and there check the boxes that you want and now, the mails will be further segregated.

5. There are some people who fear that the mail they just sent could be sent to someone other because the person to whom you sent the mail, has it forever, until you personally go their account and delete it, which is next to impossible and quite unethical. So, how to delete the mails after a particular time? Thankfully, G-Mail gives us such an option to self destruct mails after some time interval.

To do this, click on the padlock icon near the send button before you send out the email. A new tab named Confidential mode opens with the option of Set Expiration. Make the necessary changes here.

6. For some of us who still want to add an additional coating of security, do not worry, G-Mail has your back and provides you another option to sen mails with a verification code. The confidential mode also allows you to send an email with a verification encryption sent via SMS to the recipient.

***The image below can be referred for both Hack number 5 and 6.

7. We all search mails from the endless received mails list. Usually, we get the desired mail we are searching for but sometimes the mails that we get after typing the mail name also seem to be endless. So, how to search precisely? To go to an advanced search setting, simply click on the downward triangle on the right side of the search bar.

When you simply move the mouse over it, Show search options Option will come. Now, click on the arrow and a drop down will come where you can add all the filters required.

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