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7 must use Instagram hacks

We all use various social media sites and apps ranging from WhatsApp to Facebook to LinkedIn. Another platform that comes Sixth in ranking of top social media sites is Instagram with approximately 1 billion monthly users. For all the Instagram users, here are a few tips to make you more popular:-

1. We, all generally add text that describe us in our Bio, right? But did you know that you could link to other Profiles or Hashtags in you Bio? Yes, it is pretty possible. This could be really useful if you’re managing more than one account for your brand, or if you’re running a branded hashtag campaign. For example, online clothing store, @ASOS, does this well as they link from their bio to their Instagram profiles dedicated to health and beauty and sneakers. They also link to their #AsSeenOnMe hashtag which has over 1.1 million tagged posts!

To link to other profiles or hashtags in your bio:

-- From your Instagram Profile page, tap “Edit Profile”

-- In the bio section, add any Instagram handles (including the @ symbol) or any hashtags (using the # symbol)

-- Tap “Done” in the top right of the screen when you’re finished with your bio

-- Instagram will automatically make this text link to the Instagram profiles or hashtags

2. Did you know that the “Name” field in your Instagram bio is searchable

That means that you can change it to words that highlights what your Instagram profile or business is about. By including important keywords in your Name field, your chances of appearing in Instagram’s Explore page if anyone searches for those keywords will be much higher!

So, make sure to keep it appealing!!!

3. Tired of using the same old colors for writing your Instagram Stories? Do check this hack as it lets you access every possible color for your text, so you can match it to the aesthetic of your post or even your brand colors! 

All you have to do is open your Instagram Stories and select the brush tool. Now tap and long-hold any of the default color options at the bottom of the screen to open the color slider.

From here, just swipe across the slider to pick a custom color for your story. You can also use the color picker tool to pinpoint the exact color.

4. Tired of every time going to the accounts of your favorite personality and then checking the latest posts? Then this hack is surely for you.

Well, doing the process mentioned above is pretty hectic. So, what is a simpler way? The easiest way is to turn on notifications for each user individually. Well, this may seem time taking, but it is just for once and then sit and enjoy the notifications from each person who posts a new post or story.

So, how to turn it on? To turn it on, visit the profile and click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose 'Turn on Post Notifications' from the menu that appears.

5. Ever wanted to search someone's Instagram profile and as soon as you click on the site, you have to Sign-In, and you remember that you have no account? So, how to do it, without signing in?

Well, this is pretty simple, though quite a less known hack. So, to put it simply, just enter a username at the end of the Instagram URL and you will now be able to see the

profile without singing in.

For example: -

Let the profile name be abcd123, so to view its profile, type ***

in the search bar and you will be redirected to the account.


6. Instagram tries to show ads that are relevant to what we search, where we go and other things. It is in fact pretty great but sometimes it gets annoying if relevant content is not shown. So, how to let Instagram know that it is not relevant?

Well, it is pretty simple. If you see sponsored posts you don't find relevant,simply and slowly teach Instagram algorithm that you don't like to see it.

To hide ads, tap on the three dots to the right of a post labeled "Sponsored," and choose "Hide This." Now, it will ask why you don't want to see it anymore. Now, simply choose any suitable option.

7. It is always advised to clear browsing history frequently and this statement is true for Instagram too. You must clean your browsing history and luckily, Instagram provides us with such an option.

So, to clear your history, go to your profile click on the three dots that appear (for Android). Now, scroll down the menu and click 'Clear Search History'. Just for confirmation, Instagram will ask you if you are sure, now you have to click on 'Yes, I'm sure' and your history is deleted.

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