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9 tips to become a Google Search Pro

In today's world, if anyone of us has any doubt, the first thing that comes to our mind for clearing it, is Google. Google Chrome is the best web browser and the most popular one. Though we search everything on Google, we still face some difficulties while searching, so here are some tips to become a Google Search Pro: -

1. Ever stumbled upon endless search results, showing irrelevant content? Just use a hyphen (-) to exclude words. For example, you search Mustang, now Google can give you the results for both the car and the horse. If you want to search for horse, then just type

Mustang - cars. This tells the browser to show only those results that have the word “car” in it.

2. We all often face an instant when we have to search Google for content in a specific website. So, how do we do it? It is actually pretty simple, just simply use a colon (:) to specify websites. For example, you want to search about the PUBG tips Blog, I recently uploaded, so simply type

3 useful PUBG tips to get you started

this simply gives the results only in site or any other you specify.

3. Ever forgot some words of the lyrics, and cribbing what was the song? Simply use asterisk (*) to fill in the empty spaces. For example, if you want to search for the song Come Together by Beatles and you forget some words of lyrics, simply type

“Come * right now * me”

The asterisk tell Google that some words are there at the place of asterisk, and it shows you the result with words coming at place of asterisk. In this case, the first suggestion will be the song Come Together.

4. Ever wanted to search for multiple phrases at once? Then this tip is surely for you. Simply type the phrases and separate them with OR. For example, you are going for a job interview and you need tips for it, then simply type

“Best ways to prepare for a job interview” OR “How to prepare for a job interview”

and it will narrow down your search to only these two phrases.

5. We often search the web with same language we use for speaking. DON'T. This is so because websites don’t say things the way people do; instead, they try to use language that sounds professional. For example,

“I have a flat tire” could be replaced by “repair a flat tire.”

6. Google does have shortcuts. A number of commands can be entered to give you instantaneous results. For example, if want to search the weather in particular zip code, you can simply type

Weather *zip code* .

This will give you the weather in that particular zip code you have mentioned.

7. Ever wanted a particular type of file related to the searched text? This feature will be helpful if you forgot the deadline of your college project and you remember that it is today, and you have just 2 hours left. You are searching the web for a PDF file relating to the topic but the suggestions are endless. Use the keyword filetype. Simply type this, (your topic is Global Warming)

Global Warming filetype : PDF

This will show you only the PDF results and VOILA! you are ready to submit your project.

8. Ever wanted to track your package and the loading process of the site from where you ordered takes a lot of time? No worries. Simply type your tracking number directly into the Google Search Bar and it'll show you the tracking information about your package.

9. Ever wanted to search a particular phrase but the suggestions are just not matching the phrase you typed, put in quotes (""). For example, you search Puppy Dog Sweaters. The result will show you the content that contains these words in any order. But type this,

"Puppy Dog Sweaters"

and it will search for the phrase exactly as you typed.

[You can now understand why I used quotes in the tips above.]

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