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How to reduce the file size of any image file

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Now days, sometimes we need to upload our photo, pictures or signature on many digital platform for on- line registration purposes. But every site as a restriction on file size to be uploaded on site. In general our file size of pictures taken by camera or mobile is quite big about 2 or 3 Mb but in general restriction of file size to upload for registration or other purposes is about 200 k or so .You can do this without need of any additional software application. To solve this problem read on…and follow the steps.

Original size of Picture : 1.9 MB

1. Open your picture in mspaint, in this example original size of image is 1.9 MB . We want to reduce it to 200 KB (Max) .Now click on resize icon in Menu bar and new window will pop up.

2. Select resize by percentage radio button and reduce the value of horizontal from 100 to 50 , automatically in to vertical same value will appear ,click OK and save the file, by doing so the size of file is now reduced to 614.2 KB .But we want size of 200 KB (Max)

3. Repeat the step again, this time change the value of reduction of percentage from 100 to 40, click OK and save the file, by doing so the size of file is now reduced to 173 KB .This fulfills our requirement .

4. You can play around and repeat the procedure by selecting the resize by pixel radio button and change the values and repeat steps till you get the desired size of file.

5. Don’t forget to save the file after each step.

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