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PUBG Tips - Approaching and Looting Airdrops

PUBG is a battle royale game that everyone loves to play, after all, why not, so much effort has been put into its making. The game gives a wide range of products that everyone needs to collect in order to survive and win the game. These include bandages, health kits, various kinds of guns, various helmets, various vests and other items. But a problem with these items is that you get only one of them, until you are looting someone's crate, which is also difficult to do. An interesting way to solve the problem is AIRDROP - an amazing thing made by PUBG developers, that allows players to get high quality and rare weapons, exclusively for them, until no one loots that too, and that too in bulk and it is the same thing which we are going to talk about today.


The most important thing about looting or even seeing anything is to identify where it is and where to look for it. So you need to identify the landing of airdrop.

The first airdrop of the game will always fall within the first white circle. The landing position of the airdrop is entirely unpredictable as it could land out at sea, on land, or on top of a structure. The airdrop falls from a cargo plane, and you can use your ears to get a rough idea where it is going and eyes to exactly trace its location and hunt it down.

If the airdrop lands within the blue circle, then it will be much more dangerous as players will be arriving into the white circle, as well as the blue circle reducing to the next area. But, if the airdrop is within the blue circle but out at sea, players have a much better chance of surviving due to bullets not taking impact into the water. So choose wisely when to go and loot it.

B) APPROACHING AN AIRDROP - MOST DIFFICULT??? As the heading goes, it is the most difficult of all the processes listed here. Firstly and obviously, you need to locate it, which is not so difficult as the crate emits a red flare once it has landed.

So, once you have located it, NEVER EVER, run straight to the crate because it is a battleground with many players, all wanting the items of the crate, so what to do? Wait for a minute or two and ensure that no one else is running towards it. This is the most crucial part, because you must ensure that is danger - free and it may take time and patience.

Once you have ensured it is danger free, don't just go, have a look at your surroundings, like trees, walls, buildings, windows and ensure no one is watching you and if you do see someone, just follow your instinct, shoot them.

So you have started your trip and have reached the drop, now comes the even more crucial part. Loot the crate from the side that is away from the building and trees so you are difficult to spot. While looting, be quick and have a constant look at your surroundings for enemies.


A way that I feel is the best and everyone should use is vehicle - any of it, be it a car or a bike, both have roughly the same speed. Using it is a simple and a very useful method to loot a drop.

It has two benefits, first, you can approach the drop quickly and be the first one to loot, allowing you to loot more and second, you can stop the vehicle, loot and go off fast. This speeds up both the approaching and going procedure. It is most beneficial when you are in a squad as two people can get off and loot while the other remain in the vehicle and watch out for enemies and prepare the vehicle to go and once all are in the vehicle, they can distribute the loot.

You should also be careful of players that throw a frag grenade aiming your vehicle and injuring all the people in it.


A way other than using a vehicle is to approach it simply by sprinting and use a smoke bomb while looting. This reduces the noise cretaed by vehicles, meaning you will be noticed by less people and will give you a safer and faster exit than running in the open, making you less prone to damage.

That's all for this blog. Comment down what should the next blog be about and till then keep learning technology and keep loving Dr. ADITech.

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