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Step Set Go review

With the increasing number of people getting fitness conscious, many companies have developed various fitness apps that track your sleep, your calories burnt, your calories intake and many more. More and more companies have now started making fitness bands, that work just like the apps. Today, I am going to give review on one of my most favorite fitness app - Step Set Go.

In my opinion, it is an amazing app, one reason being because it is India's first app that gives you reward for walking. Yes, it is true, because for every 1000 indoor steps, you get 1 SSG coin whereas for every 1000 outdoor steps, you get 1.25 SSG coins and really, as they say, there is no coin like the SSG coin. The Bazaar area has various offers and products that you can buy from your SSG coins, isn't it amazing? Just walk and buy products, no expenditure of real money.

It also has a feature of increasing your level from 1 to 5 that increases if you meet a daily level of SSG coins earned for three consecutive days. The increase in level also increases the maximum number of coins that you can earn. And also, it has a feature for people who come at a level and then forget about it. The feature is that if fail to meet a daily required coins earned for three consecutive days, you are downgraded to level from which you had just upgraded.

You can also track and see you friends who are either in your contact list or whom you the username of. You can see their steps taken history, their coins earned, current level they are at and you can also follow them.

The last feature that fascinates me the most is of Daily Reward. Daily rewards are common among apps but there is no Reward like that of Step Set Go. Unlike apps where you get one daily reward, Step Set Go offers you 4 daily rewards that add 1 SSG coin to your earned coins per 1 Ad that you see. So, you can earn 4 SSG coins per day for free.

So, at last I recommend Step Set Go for each and every fitness freak. It is a must have app for both Android and iOS phones.

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