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Tech Quiz 4

First of all, I am really really sorry about the delay in the posting of this blog, it is just because of some personal reasons, that are not much personal but more educational. Anyways, after getting a good response from Tech Quiz 3 and having the mail Inbox filled with the questions about the release date of Tech Quiz 4, we are back with yet another tech quiz that will not only test your tech knowledge but also increase it. So without wasting any time, let's get started.

Q1. 'Alex', India's first ever AI based study bot to clear study related doubts is created by which of the following e-education platforms?


b) Extramarks

c) Vedantu

d) Unacademy

Q2. In 1936, which of the following country built a computer that ran on water?

a) United States of America

b) France

c) United Kingdoms

d) Soviet Union

Q3. Which electric car made by Tesla is currently in space, acting as an artificial satellite of Sun?

a) Roadster

b) Model Y

c) Spacecar

d) ArtSatell

Q4. According to Newzoo, which gaming company has the highest revenue from video games, as of 2020?

a) Electronic Arts

b) Nintedo

c) Tencent

d) Sony Computer Entertainment

Q5. What is the name for a freestanding computer or terminal that provides information to the public usually through a multimedia display?

a) Kiosk

b) Standter

c) Freeterminal

d) Multidisp

Q6. What is the name for a type of networking technology for LAN, originally developed by Xerox?

a) WiFi

b) Bluetooth

c) Ethernet

d) Internet

Q7. QRIO, a humanoid robot is developed by which of the following companies?

a) Sony

b) Toshiba

c) ABB

d) Amazon Robotics.

Q8. What is the full form of AMD, a company that makes processing chips for computers?

a) Amazing Multipurpose Devices

b) Advanced Mini Devices

c) Advanced Micro Devices

d) Astounding Mini Devices

Q9. Which social media site after its creation is called the SMS of Internet'?

a) Facebook

b) Twitter

c) Snapchat

d) Instagram

Q10. Which company is known as the 'Big Blue' and is around 100 years old?

a) IBM

b) Sony

c) Toshiba

d) Electrolux

Done with answering the questions? Very well, comment down your answers, that you think are correct and let's have a look at the answers that are correct.

A1. b) Extramarks

A2. d) Soviet Union

A3. a) Roadster

A4. c) Tencent

A5. a) Kiosk

A6. c) Ethernet

A7. a) Sony

A8. c) Advanced Micro Devices

A9. b) Twitter

A10. a) IBM

Done with tallying your answers? Very good, now comment down your scores and let's have a look at how good you are in technology.

1. If you got 8 - 10 correct answers, then very well done, you are a true Super Techie.

2. If you got 4 - 7 correct answers, then well-tried, you are a true Techie. Increase your tech knowledge and wait for the next quiz, where maybe you get all the questions correct!

3. If you got 0 - 3 correct answers, then you are a true To Be Techie. Practice hard, increase your tech knowledge and wait for the next quiz, where maybe you become a Super Techie or a Techie!

So, that was all for the day. Comment below what kind of quiz you want us to prepare and stay tuned to Dr. ADITech for more updates. Wait till the next quiz and till then, keep increasing your tech knowledge.

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