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5 tips to improve battery life

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

In today's world, it is very difficult to find a person not using any electronic appliance. All these appliances have battery in them, be it tablet, mobile phones or a laptop, and many of us face a common problem regarding battery life. So, here are some tips to improve battery life: -

1. Many of us have a habit of charging our phones to nearly 100%. This is where we all make a big mistake. Instead, we should charge our phone batteries up to 90% and must keep it above 20%. This is the happy range of your phone's battery.

2. We all keep moving from place to place during the whole day. In these places, lighting can be different and so is the brightness. As we all access our phones wherever we go, we are in a habit of using the Auto setting for brightness rather than changing it manually. Though it helps us, but it has a negative impact on battery life as it consumes quite a lot of battery. So, to help your battery, we must start changing the brightness manually.

3. In your phone, the screen is the object that consumes most of the battery because it is on most of the time. So, how can we reduce the battery it consumes? The way is to reduce the time it is on. To do this, navigate to Settings of your phone. Scroll down to Display and Themes and select Sleep. Here, choose the preferred option (15 or 30 seconds) and it will help your battery life and increase its performance.

4. There always few applications on mobile that are On and you don't bother to turn them Off, but you should, because they also drain out your battery. Facilities like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should be turned Off when not in use. Location tracking or GPS also drains out battery, so it also should be Off when not needed, but Wi-Fi is the biggest culprit.

5. We usually don't keep the apps Updated that we aren't using frequently. But the truth is that apps that are not Updated are a burden on your battery. Most of us won't believe it but that is true. This is so because in an Update, a developer tries to fix the bugs and other minor things that can drain out your battery. The easiest way to keep your apps Updated is to check the Auto Update option for the apps in Google Play Store.

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