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WhatsApp Fingerprint Unlock review

WhatsApp is one of the most used social media platform. Everyone uses it, be it a student, a teacher, an office goer, everyone has the WhatsApp application in their phone. They have gathered enough attention and users towards them, but the latest update is the NUCLEAR BOMB. It is something that will add an additional layer of security to your WhatsApp. So, the update I am talking about it is the Fingerprint Lock update.

It is an amazing update, other than being an additional layer of security, the thing is that this update is quite an amazing update that the people at WhatsApp company thought of. It is in fact pretty fast and smooth in detecting your fingerprint. You just have to tap the finger and VOILA! it is unlocked.

But a problem that I feel is that unlike in phones, where you can store multiple fingerprints, in the update you can store just one fingerprint. But I think that the people at WhatsApp would have thought of it and maybe this will the next update of WhatsApp – where you will be able to store various fingerprints.

I must say that it is an amazing update and is a must use feature of WhatsApp.

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